What I learned from my friend Frank the stump master


I needed a stump removal the other day, and my friend who is a master stump master in Michigan, told me everything there is to know about it and here is my notes for all of yall to see.

I would highly recommend visiting his site here

One of the many service that tree and lawn care business may offer is stump removal. They may implore a few techniques in removing a stump from anyone’s yard or business. Many people will attempt to remove a stump themselves but realize that it is very difficult. Cutting a down, a tree is hard but doable without enlisting the services of a tree service business. Nevertheless, removing a stump is almost impossible, if not extremely labor intensive and back breaking work. So, why not use the professionals. They will have the equipment and experience to, quickly and effectively, remove that stump. You will not have to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.

Essentially, there are four ways of removing a stump:


After cutting the stump down and removing, any branches that maybe growing from it. The service company will dig around the stump revealing its roots. After the roots are exposed, all the major ones will now be cut with an axe. After its roots are cut, you will see the service men pushing the stump trying to wiggle it free. If this does not work, they have another option. Attaching a chain to the stump and connecting it to a four by four pickup truck the power of the truck moving forward and reversing will uproot the stump.


Using a machine weighing around a thousand pounds, the tree stump is able to be grinded out of the ground. This is a quicker and less backbreaking way of removing a stump than by manually digging it out. They will start by removing all rocks and debris that may be surrounding the stump. Then take a chainsaw and ensuring that it is as close to the ground as possible. Then the blade of the stump grinder is placed on top of the stump and they will persist to grinding it away with the machine.


By drilling a hole into the stump, about ten inches deep fill it with potassium nitrate. Then, add hot water until all the potassium nitrate is dissolve. After the potassium nitrate is dissolve pieces of wood and its shavings are place into the hole and on top of the stump completely covering it. Then the stump is set on fire. Once it has burned, down they will break up any roots that maybe left and fill the dirt with soil.


Another method for tree stump removal is with the assistance of chemicals. Drill One-inch wide holes roughly eight to twelve inches deep into the stump and a stump killing chemical, called potassium nitrate, is pour into it. Pour water onto of the potassium nitrate allowing sit for four to six weeks or however long it will take for the chemical the break down the stump. Additionally saturate it with kerosene or some type of fuel along with the potassium nitrate. Alternatively, after pouring the potassium nitrate, cover that with kerosene or gas, and then set it on fire. Allowing the stump to burn away to ashes.

Removing a tree stump is very hard and yes, anyone can do it, but each have their own degree of danger, some more than others. So rather than risk your life or the lives of family and friends, it maybe rise to have a professional tree service company take care of it. Let them deal with the headache while you watch and sip tea.

When you let others do their thing, it frees up more of your time to get creative.

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