New Networking Insights


When I’m not painting or being worried about yard work. Working with many limo companies in the last several months, I’ve been thinking about the potential of money that could be made by partnering up with the limousine companies and doing a whole wedding package deal where my limo partner does the wedding service and I do the photography.

We started doing this with few of my limo owner partners and we are having great success, our clients are loving the fact that we are customizing a wedding package for them, after all people love things that are specific and customized to them!

I am learning about the power of networking and partnering up with other business owners. The power of team is something that needs to be harnessed because everyone is great a particular thing or skill, instead of trying to be a one man show, perhaps its better to find people that are good at one thing and let them do that, while you focus on the other things that you are good at. Therefore effectively complimenting each other’s skill and talents.

This is what Steve Jobbs meant when he said that its important to create a solid team. Surround yourself with experts and you will produce amazing product and services. For me, I have been working with limo owners for the good part of last 5 years and I had not really worked with them yet on this level. Yea I would go do wedding photography but it wasn’t business that was referred to me by the limo owner but customers I have acquired.

Now I am getting customers through my limo guy and he is getting customer from by client base, thereby we are benefiting each other in a truly symbiotic relationship.

I can’t wait to report on what more wedding clients I will be able to photograph soon.

-Talk soon

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