Painter shares his life: Intro Real Estate to Other businesses


Above is a picture of my home town, rural Michigan I was in the home building industry. Before joining the best tree service company in the state, I have years of experience in the Dallas Rental Apartments, however this blog is all the different experiences and knowledge I’ve gained in life and painting it in a colorful way.

For 25 years my goal was to scope out great real estate to purchase that will provide long term substantial return on investment.

One of the key to finding the best apartment complex to purchase would be to get a hold of a great database. Recently I had a client contact me from Michigan and he was looking to purchase some apartment complexes near Lansing or Metro Detroit Area as he was from Sterling Heights. I met him at a business expo last year here in Dallas and we traded business cards.

He remember to get a hold of me for advice on how to find the great investment opportunity in Michigan, well even though my roots are in Dallas, I do have experience consulting clients in Michigan and it is first important to get a hold of good site to reference, we used this place last time.

And really its about taking massive action!

Think of buy a house a bit like adopting a child. Would you chose to only spend few hours on this decision or would think keep up at night thinking about it?

Common Mistake #1 When investing in new apartment complexes

Its not always so easy when you want a house, versus how easy it can be picking the company for tree service around your yard.

One of the most common mistakes I see novice apartment investors make is that they simply assume a property is good by its past history.

Now don’t get me wrong this can give you good indicators and this is what most people rely on in determining a good apartment complex but its important to dig much deeper than that. Think of the analogy I wrote above about adopting a child. You really want to look into more facets than that because there could be other apartment complexes in the area that is new without the impressive track record, but its a new place, and potentially in much better location and the upside down the road is much higher than the older apartments with track records.

Now most people may seem that this is just matter of switching focus, but I believe its a matter of taking massive action. Most people underestimate what it takes to find a good property… Even though I consult, clients will rely on other people’s opinion not out of need but too often out of laziness. Would you rely on other people to pick the child for adoption for you? You certainly don’t want this mentality when picking a company for big tree removal as that can be pretty risky when you rely on ordinary joe to remove big tree limbs for you.

Or would you become heavily invested and obsessed by it and look up everything there is too know? This is why people that are serious about investments versus people that are simply looking to do it as a side source of income will get totally different result even though the latter could have much bigger funds to invest. You didn’t expect a guy with tree care background would know so much?

opportunities comes to those that take massive action!


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