Party in Tyler, Texas & How to


So a little background story about me is that I grew up in Great Britain and ever since I was little I was fascinated by Americas. I mean I watched all American films, I dreamed about American lifestyle, read all the marvel comics, and even made American friends. And at age 25 I finally got an opportunity to go to America for work. I work for electrical wiring company and there was a sales office opening up in Michigan where I am now currently staying.

This company produces LED lighting to fiber optic wiring, and I am happy that I am now living in the USA but not so ideal that it was Michigan of all places, I don’t know… it’s just very cold. Maybe I haven’t gotten used to it yet. So I trudge along for now in the snow and try to drive safe here.

Anyway the other day I was with work buddies in Tyler, TX when one of my co-worker decided we should get a limousine to celebrate our first month together and go out on the town.

It sounded like a great idea so we proceded to scan through Google and found one reputable looking company to get in touch with. It had pretty impressive vehicles so we were pretty stoked about it.

I just wanted to go out that night and party a little bit but we decided to get few fifth and proceeded to drink. The limousine arrived on time and it was quite the nice one, a lot better than what I was used to. You definately know you are Brit when the limo you imagined was just a old black stretch you see in 1980’s movies. This limousine was a long a hummer stretch and the inside was very large and cool.

I’ve never been in such a sleek vehicle before from the lighting, to speaker system, to luxurious looking interior. It was quite simply fantastic.

So we went couple blocks due south to downtown Tyler and went out to hit the bars in town pretty hard. Everything was bright and exciting and I was started to get to know my co-workers well and having a great time.

It wasn’t till 2 AM rolled around that I noticed that I had drunk little too much and things were a bit hazy to say the least. Luckily we had a limousine to take us home so we were safe. We got back into the limo and decided we had enough fun for the night so we went our merry ways back to our apartments and the limousine did a fine job.

Let me tell you few points that made me feel that yes I’m def a Brit

  1. American women dance by grinding
  2. American Hip Hop is played more often then pop songs
  3. Liquor seems 2x stronger here in the states

So yea every single day I notice various things that’s different about myself and American culture. Perhaps I’m still under culture shock. I wonder how long it takes for one to completely integrate into a new culture. And how long does it take for one to become fluent and unrecognizable from others in the culture.

I have to tell you though in the States it does feel less restricted and more free. Like there is more space here and people live more vicariously. People seem less rigid, now maybe this is because I’m in Michigan and not in a big city like where I was from, but I def dig the new lifestyle of little bit slower pace, and everyone seems pretty open and friendly for the most part. I’m not sure but there seems to be a lot of value to look up to in the States like these amazing tree service guys in Tyler, TX that have the most unbelievable work ethic. So does people in Michigan

All in all I am enjoying my stay here and hope to continue exploring, anyway this limousine experience was one in the books. And the big plus was that I got to know my co-workers better and hopefully it leads to better synergy in the work place and I get to have even more fun integrating into American culture well that’s it for now guys Sometimes you just have to make life more colorful.. Talk to you soon.

New Networking Insights


When I’m not painting or being worried about yard work. Working with many limo companies in the last several months, I’ve been thinking about the potential of money that could be made by partnering up with the limousine companies and doing a whole wedding package deal where my limo partner does the wedding service and I do the photography.

We started doing this with few of my limo owner partners and we are having great success, our clients are loving the fact that we are customizing a wedding package for them, after all people love things that are specific and customized to them!

I am learning about the power of networking and partnering up with other business owners. The power of team is something that needs to be harnessed because everyone is great a particular thing or skill, instead of trying to be a one man show, perhaps its better to find people that are good at one thing and let them do that, while you focus on the other things that you are good at. Therefore effectively complimenting each other’s skill and talents.

This is what Steve Jobbs meant when he said that its important to create a solid team. Surround yourself with experts and you will produce amazing product and services. For me, I have been working with limo owners for the good part of last 5 years and I had not really worked with them yet on this level. Yea I would go do wedding photography but it wasn’t business that was referred to me by the limo owner but customers I have acquired.

Now I am getting customers through my limo guy and he is getting customer from by client base, thereby we are benefiting each other in a truly symbiotic relationship.

I can’t wait to report on what more wedding clients I will be able to photograph soon.

-Talk soon