About Me

Hello my name is Jude Painter which is a nick name given to me in law school because I had a passion in photography. Now I am a law school drop out and started working with a friend in the wedding photography business, which lead me to the whole wedding industry where I learned about different businesses that makes great money providing great wedding services. This includes people like photo booth rentals, limousine business, banquet halls, flower shops, cake shops, suit shops and more.

Out of which I started working with Limousine & tree service companies of Michigan the most, and over the years learned a lot about the industry from the various owners that I’ve talked to and working with many limousine companies. Because I was there at the wedding taking photographs I was able to observe every single limos and the people’s experience riding them. Over the years I came to find some quality limo companies and I hope to write a review blog discussing each one of them.

Time and time again, I would have the bride call me asking me for photography service and then they would ask me for the best limo company I know of, and I would give them great referrals but I thought I would make my own review site that way they can get more information and I have somewhere to basically refer my clients to so that they can make a more informed decision on choosing the best limo company in Michigan.

Because the quality of limo companies vary greatly, it is imperative for buyers to do their research especially if you are planning on it for a special day like a wedding.

For any questions or photography inquiries you can email me at paintingbook3320@gmail.com

Make sure you continue to follow the blog.